Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fuck This Guy

I love this photo.

Bravo that man.

I can't stand bigots, may they be ridiculed wherever they are found.

And we all know that if there is a God, he or she will most definitely hate homophobes, bigots and the prejudiced.

Have a good Wednesday...what's left of it that is.


  1. He Who Lives By The Sign Shall Die By The Sign!
    I Bet Moses Was Glad Those Guys Wernt Around When He Was Promoting His Commandments!

  2. Man, in the end, that's all this crowd really deserves is a hearty "fuck off!". It's not like they're going to respond to (or with) reason. It's not like they care for any opinion other than their own. It's not like they wouldnt kick your ass for Jesus if they thought they could. "Fuck off", followed immediately by no further action is really the only reasonable course to take with these people (oh, okay, if you really want to, club them into unconsciousness - but be aware that it may get you into a bit of trouble).

  3. These Guys are gonna be in soooooo much trouble with God when they get before him. God is love not hate.

  4. howdy, I like this picture as well, but wasn't fully convinced it wasn't photoshoped when I first saw it. I dissagree with your opinion on god hating people though, I don't think he would hate a biggot any more or less than a gay or preist or terrorist or second grade teacher. I don't think god hates anybody, I just think when people die they're eyes are opened to everything and they judge themselves. But god still loves you :)

    have a great day all

  5. Thanks for stopping by Beans.

    As for who and what God hates, depends what God you believe in or how you interpret the works or words of that particular cult. I don't believe in any God I'm afraid but there is plenty of hate in all of God's various guises.

    And as for when you die, for me, there is nothing, thankfully, no time for heaven or hell.

    See you around.


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