Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kill Keith Filming Awaits

As mentioned previously, tomorrow I am filming for my next feature film entitled "Kill Keith" that stars Keith Chegwin (naturally) and a whole raft of classic British TV stars. It's a small role playing the investigating detective but it is always nice to asked and comes nicely before popping off on holiday to Aruba.

If no one out there knows who Keith Chegwin is, as may be the case with many non-Brit readers, this informative and amusing video should provide all you need to know about the man in question.

As always with these things, it is all kicking off at some ungodly hour, all the way out in Hayes, so it'll be early to rise for me before making my way out to Middlesex/West London borders. And I forgot to order more Nature Valley crunchy granolas bars (Canadian maple syrup flavour) from Tesco online. They make for a fine breakfast snacklet. Bugger. I may have to suffice with a sausage bap.

Now for some reason I am listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix of late and this track keeps pulling me back to the play button over and over and over and over again.

I love the intense imagery of the crippled girl, stranded on the cusp of suicide as the golden space ship, which really didn't have to stop, sailed on by her. My mum got me into Hendrix and that particular verse always stayed with me as a child, haunted me as I tried to unpick what it meant. I'm still not sure but it is beautiful.

On on that note, I leave you with this:


  1. Surely Cheggers achieved Global Legend status a few years ago?

  2. I heard an interesting programme on Radio 4 this week about Jimmy Hendrix's political views - he had broad views and it's worth catching it on a podcast or iplayer.

  3. Highlander:

    I'm not sure if he has global profile but he surely has a heavy UK one.


    I will check that out, he was a shy, deep and powerful dude.

  4. I've been importing Nature Valley Granola Bars to Spain! I'm partial to the almond flavour (but like the maple syrup ones too).

    You should also try the stem ginger nairns biscuits. They are FAB! If you don't find them at Tesco, try Holland and Barratt. Hope you are having a lark in Aruba.


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