Friday, 17 September 2010

Blog Lite

I'm putting Blurred Clarity to rest for a couple of months or so.

I've got filming to do for yet another commercial, then I start rehearsals for "Hypothermia", which tours until November 2010, never mind all the organising I have to do for my play "Our Style is Legendary" with finishing off the casting come November, PR, print and finding rehearsal space.

I will of course blog when I can, on a return to the life of a touring theatre actor and will keep Tweeting via Twitter my inane and garbled thoughts.

And of course, please come and see me in "Hypothermia", touring dates are here but I will pop them below and if you are planning on coming, please, please, please let me know so I can thank you and see you face to face. Your support would be much appreciated.

Huddersfield University 21st-23rd October

Box Office:

Peepul Centre, Leicester 26th-27th October

Box Office: 0116 261 6000

Cockpit Theatre, London 29th-30th October

Box office: 020 7258 2925

Hull Truck, Hull 2nd-3rd November

Box Office: 01482 323638

The Dukes, Lancaster 5th-6th November

Box office: 01524 598500

Until then comrades!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Aruba Files: Photo Montage

It's funny but in my previous post Highlander mentioned the similarity between Aruba (the Caribbean island just off-of Venezuela where I went on holiday and asked Eva-Jane to marry me) and the word shouted by John Fashanu on the seminal TV show "Gladiators", as evidenced right here:

Funny because just before I jetted off, I called my parents for the obligatory farewell before holiday and promise to text you when I land safely conversation. My mum put my dad on and as we talked about Aruba he mentioned that it didn't always use to be a tourist hot spot, which is quite true and it used to be a bit of a shit hole, also true, he then claimed that the reason it got to be a popular tourist destination is that during "Gladiators" John Fashanu would shout...


And thus, the entire world decided to check this place out.

This is wrong on so many levels, first off, Fash the Bash is not shouting Aruba but AWOOGA and secondly, the island is popular with Americans who have never seen UK "Gladiators" and even if you did, would a retired football player shouting the word at you really be the deal breaker in spending an awful lot of cash on going there?

Naturally, being a good son, I said none of this and agreed whole-heartedly.

Anyway, here are a smattering of pictures of our holiday in paradise.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Back From Aruba!

I am back from Aruba and it was paradise.

Naturally, blogging will be light for a long while for too many wonderful reasons to mention...the main one being I asked Eva-Jane to marry me and she said yes!

Much to do and we are very tired...

Full debrief coming at you very soon.