Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sorry, it's Been A While...

I was mopping the kitchen after the engineer who came to service the boiler had left mucky footprints all over and I thought to myself I should really get back to blogging, so here I am, after a lengthy but genuine hiatus.

It really has been a while but I've had good reason.

As I said right here, I was busy touring with the excellent Full Body & The Voice, playing the character of Dr. Erich in the incredible "Hypothermia"; blessed with a fine cast of wonderful actors and that didn't finish until the 7th November.

I was lucky enough to come straight back to more filming for the BBC and reprising my comedy creation Kirky, the HD Hunter before embarking on a short film set in the wilds of South London, preparing a showcase at the Soho Theatre and, of course, juggling the organisation for the two biggest events in my life to date: my wedding to Eva-Jane and the debut of my play "Our Style is Legendary"


But here I am, back in full blog effect...well, until I get utterly snowed under again.

Here we go, hold on tight!


  1. The only news here is that it looks pretty likely that we shall be returning to the homeland very, very soon...

  2. Great, let me know when you'll be back we can hook up for an ale and progressive chat.

  3. Welcome back! Now on with the wit and erudition...

  4. Well, whilst you were gone I saw your movie. Nice! I want more!!!! You were missed. xx

  5. WR:

    I can feel it coming but it may take me some time to find my wit and erudition feet.


    Hello and nice that we've been able to link up on the Twitter thang.


    Thanks so much for supporting the work Ellie, hopefully I'll be around more.

  6. Congratulations!Youve Been Busy! welcome Back!


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