Monday, 28 February 2011

Update as of 28th February 2011

Knee deep in rehearsals for Our Style is Legendary and having the time of my life. Dream come true, emotional times.

Make sure you come and see it won't you?

And even chronic food poisoning bought on by poorly cooked wild boar cannot spoil the fact that I'm on American TV for like the 5th year running, hopefully off to Australia to do some acting come Summer and wedding plans are dovetailing nicely.

Sweet as.

Until the next time, I'll leave you with some Charles Bradley who is rocking my world at the mo with his deep soul.



  1. Trusting the Rehearsals going OK? We are forming a suitable small posse for 26th March.

  2. Oi Oi Daniel
    Was that you on the Burger advert in the Artic. Soon as I saw it I spat me chips out and pointed at the screen going - "that's Hoffmann-Gill!".
    Sadly, there was no-one around to hear me, but that was you and I claim my thrupenny bit.

    Like the Charles Bradley tune as well by the way.

  3. Always good to read some good news from a fellow actor! Gods speed, sir!

  4. I just wanted to say congradulations on your dream coming true. I second Karlos , great to see a fellow actor doing good things.

    Devin from U.S. VA

    1. Thanks for the kindness, I don't update this anymore more but come find me on twitter @danielh_g


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