About Me Sen

Ey up. How's it going?

My name is Daniel Hoffmann-Gill: actor, writer, director and teacher. This blog is about trying to make a living as a performer, railing against the dying of the light and other daft stuff like that.

I was made in Nottingham and raised as a posh lad on the mean streets of NG3: Jubilee pub, Cooper's Arms, Marmion estate, messy events on Cardale and a plenty of Carltonian spazzmos knocking about. You get meh?

I've been a performing monkey for family and friends since birth, discovered being funny helped lift the fug of being a victim. Lots of fights, dead best friends and anger management since then. Professional actor since 1997, done everything from feature films and TV (got to spit on a cripple in Emmerdale) but mainly work in theatre and commercials.

Here is my showreel for your viewing pleasure...

Oh and believe or not, I was one of The Times' "Diamond Bloggers"(basically, they liked me) in 2007, which was nice, especially as I blog for fun and when it stops being that, I have a rest.


  1. hahahah! I cannot believe you've actually played a sausage before. And a pizza slice. Brilliance. I just wanna be you right now.

    I'd seen a lot of your stuff but never your showreal and it took all my favourite bits and put it into one little youtube clip :) Awesome.

    Good luck with Our Style Is Legendary! :) x

  2. I have been living the dream for some time now.

    Thanks for the luck.


  3. Nice 1.Me n Mrs B enjoy pointing at our tele and shouting Heres Dan...

  4. Hey DHG: You made it to Prime Time here in the states! Not only that, but you did it Nekkid! Your Kohler ad was featured on a special called "Clash of the Commercials: USA vs. The World!

    ...of course, they had your spot as an American commercial, but what the hell. Your face was also featured in the opening montage.

    Thought you should know. Hope all's well, my friend.

  5. oh, and here's the link to the CBS website where you can see the entire thing (I think. You're in the first 20 minutes):

  6. Hi sir, I knew about this as they had to ask permission and yes pay me for the rights to use my funny shaped body but thanks for giving me link and facts as I was trying to find it. Cheers man, love to you and yours.

  7. I think you're absolutely brilliant in the HD as that so many people do not 'get' it seems. It's the best thing I've seen in years and you totally deserve any adulation youve received. Not so sure about the Sun thing though

  8. It's been lovely to read your blog Daniel. I am an actor and writer in Los Angeles. You have inspired me to start a blog about all of my musings here. As you know, after years of doing this you acquire so many compelling stories to tell and just having somewhere to vent into the abyss doesn't hurt either. Cheers and the very best of luck.


  9. I loved reading your blog - it always gives me lots of succour as I move from one audition to the next - and reminds me that every experience is valuable no matter what it feels like at the time. I saw this funny video about writing to casting director and auditioning and thought you might like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNFXfEM7McU



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